10 Things to do before you Die

This list isn’t in John Pritchard’s book ‘Ten’ but November reminds us life is fragile as we celebrate All Souls (Halloween) and Remembrance Sunday. Whatever we believe, these suggestions are practical...and can be positive...

  1. Write a will. Tell someone close to you where it is. Update it regularly.

  2. Plan your care arrangements: where would you like to be cared for? what support might you need? how will it be financed?

  3. Plan care for dependants: what care might children, partner, others need?

  4. Organ donation: to become a donor contact the Organ Donation Register and tell someone close to you.

  5. Plan your funeral: where? what kind of service/music/readings/special wishes? who would you like to be involved? do you want to be buried or cremated?

  6. Legacies or donations to charity?... who are you grateful to? who would you like to help?

  7. (If needed) make peace with others... forgiveness is good for you!

  8. Appreciate all that is good now...change what you can/accept what you can’t change.

  9. Make that ‘bucket list’... how can I make the most of my one precious life?

  10. Make peace with yourself – face your fears, voice them to someone you trust.