Tale of Two Families

This Sunday we were treated to an extra special play put on by the Sunday School. The 35 gathered at the church for service last Sunday enjoyed a tale of two neighbouring families. One of wealth and one of none. Or so it would seem...

The first family had it all! They wanted for nothing and could always afford the best presents and the latest clothes.

The second family, did not have the money for presents. Indeed they didn't buy presents, choosing instead to make them and sing songs and play games.

They sang so loudly the moneyed family were annoyed by their laughter and jolly singing. To try to solve the problem the father decided to give them some money so they didn't need to sing and make presents.

The father of the poor family was surprised and very grateful. He soon went about counting the money. counting and recounting. His children asked for him to join in a game, but he was too busy. they tried again to join in a song, but he was too busy.

"Daddy why are you so busy now you have money?"

The father of the poor family realised what was happening. The money was distracting him from his family. So he formed a plan.

The next day he and the rest of the family went to visit the rich family next door. They returned the money and asked the rich family to join them singing songs.

That's when the rich family knew they too had been missing something.

True wealth is not about how much money you have, it's about the richness of your life, love and closeness to God